Aiza World Quiz Airdrop

Aiza World Quiz Airdrop

💸 Token Value : 1 $AIZA
👥 Referral : Top 100
🔥 Ratings : ⭐⭐⭐⭐️

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📖 Tasks
🔰 Start Aiza World Quiz Bot
🔰 Join Telegram Group
🔰 Join Telegram Channel
🔰 Follow Twitter & Retweet
🔰 Submit Bep20 Address

📒 Note : This Airdrop is limited for 3,000 people. This Airdrop will end on 27 April 2022.

📘 Project Information : Aiza World is a planet located in the Universe parallel to the Earth. Aiza World is a combination of NFT characters from Origin Human, Gods, Undead, Robot, Alien, investor, Minners, Players from all over the world are called Aizers

Thank you for participating in our airdrop. Please do not leave any of our social media platforms.

Total Prize Pool: 300,000 $AIZA tokens will be given this time to ALL the participants!
▪️In which, the pool of 100,000 $AIZA will be divided equally among the TOP 100 fastest and most correct participants!
▪️Then the rest are divided equally the remaining 200,000 $AIZA.
Airdrop will end on April 27, 2022 and every participant will equally share 200,000 AIZA tokens.

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Aiza World Quiz Airdrop

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