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BeatN Airdrop 

BeatN Airdrop 



Pool: $40000

Start Date: 10th April, 2022

End Date: 10th May, 2022

Distribution date: 20th May, 2022

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1. Mandatory Task: You must complete 3 tasks below to qualify for Airdrop – Follow our Twitter: https://twitter.com/BeatN_App – Like & Retweet our pinned tweet: https://twitter.com/BeatN_App/status/1512994340062507011 – Comment & tag 2 friends on our pinned tweet with hashtag #BeatN #Movetoearn #autostacking #trending : https://twitter.com/BeatN_App/status/1512994340062507011

2. Referral contest – Reward up to $2000 BEATN – For each ref you will get 10 scores, at the end of Airdrop, the Top 10 referrals will earn a handsome reward. – Your referral link: https://t.me/BeatN_Airdrop_bot?start=r06360799424

Thank you for joining! You will be qualified to share $38000 BEATN & able to claim Airdrop reward after your tasks are checked at the end of Airdrop. Invite your friends & seize the chance to win

Referral Contest Your referral link: https://t.me/BeatN_Airdrop_bot?start=r06360799424

Reward Distribution: May 20, 2022

Referral Contest — Total $2000 BEATN prizes

Top 1: $500 BEATN

Top 2: $400 BEATN

Top 3: $300 BEATN

Top 4: $200 BEATN

Top 5-10: $100 BEATN

Disclaimer: Airdrop is 100% free. Don’t send any fee or penny for receiving airdrop tokens. Just join airdrop for free!

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