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CryptoDaddy Airdrop

CryptoDaddy Airdrop

 Value: $40 $RICH

 Referral: $1,200 $RICH

 End Date: 2nd August, 2022

 Distribution Date: 2nd December, 2022

 Step-by-step guide:

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 Information CryptoDaddy is built by an anonymous team of people that made their money in crypto and are looking for companionships. We know the pain points that crypto whales face in the traditional dating market personally. CryptoDaddy solves these problems with native Web3 technologies.

Website: https://www.cryptodaddy.ai

 Notes: 💎 200 randomly chosen lucky winners will receive $40 $RICH 💎 $2,000 worth of $RICH token referral leaderboard: 🥇 $1,200 $RICH 🥈 $500 $RICH 🥉 $300 $RICH

Disclaimer: Please do your own research before joining to any airdrops project, also airdrop is 100% free. Don’t send any fee or penny for receiving airdrop tokens. Just join airdrop for free.

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