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Cyberpop airdrop

Please do the required tasks to be eligible to get airdrop tokens.

Winners: 800 random winners get 1 NFT each 🔸 Top 100 Referrals will get 1 NFT

By Participating you are agreeing to the Cyberpop (Airdrop) Program Terms and Conditions. Please see pinned post for more

To Calim.To Calim



Partnership: Avalanche, PlancX, ABGA, N.S.Guild, Roseon WonderApp

Investors: Ubisoft, Amazon, I.T Capital, Skywater capital, Jinance, T3E, PHENG DAO Limited

Airdrop end date: April 18, 2022 Distribution date: April 21, 2022 Airdrop Rules

Mandatory Tasks:


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