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DeCartel Mutual Airdrop

DeCartel Mutual Airdrop

🚀New Airdrop: DeCartel Mutual
💰Reward: LAY, ARSW, KGL , MUUU , GALAX For 10,000 Winners

claim airdrop

🔹Complete All Tasks
🔹Submit BSC Address

🌟 DeCartel MA1 🌟

We are excited to let you know about the 1st Mutual Airdrop in DeCartel!
Before entry, please check this article.

The top10,000 winners will be selected randomly.

The top 100 people with the most referrals will get an
extra bonus!
👇Complete all of the tasks below to maximize your reward👇
Good luck!
Note: please complete tasks and enter your MetaMask(EVM) address to be eligible for MA1 rewards.
Tokens of DeCartel are EVM compatible, so your Ethereum address (e.g. from Metamask) will be available.
New wallets with no transaction history
 will not be eligible.
Once you done the 11 activities (referral is excluded),
you can get the right to receive rewards!

DeCartel Mutual Airdrop

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