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DjinnGuild & FOTA Airdrop

DjinnGuild & FOTA Airdrop

Reward: 20 DGG & 20 FOTA (~$8)
News: Hobbit, Huobi
Distribution date: After TGE


Airdrop Link


🔗Airdrop Link: https://t.me/DjinnGuildFOTAAirdropBot?start=5313151311

-Complete all tasks of the airdrop
-Submit your BSC wallet address
-For 4,000 Random lucky people

➡️Welcome to participate in our airdrop!

⬇️Please perform the tasks below to earn 20 DGG (~$4) and FOTA (~$4) tokens.

About DjinnGuild & FOTA:
DjinnGuild implements a Guild Web3.0 Management System, including an exclusive Scholarship program and a sensational Gaminghouse for Djinn Gamers.

DjinnGuild has reached cooperation with FOTA, GetSetPlay, Hobbit, KatanaInu, etc.

FOTA has cooperated with Huobi, Oxbull, NFTLaunch, PolyPad, Certik, BSCPad, GameZone, etc.

Airdrop reward will be distributed to your wallet address after TGE and 4,000 lucky random participants will be rewarded.

Referral rewards:
Top 1: 300 FOTA and 300 DGG
Top 2-10: 200 FOTA and 200 DGG
Top 11-50: 150 FOTA and 150 DGG
Top 51-100: 120 FOTA and 120 DGG
Top 101- 200: 100 FOTA and 100 DGG

📢Our Airdrop rules:

1: Join Djinn Guild on Telegram group and channel.

2: Follow Djinn Guild on Twitter and and FOTA on Twitter.

3: Join Djinn Guild on Discord Group.

4: Submit your BSC-BEP20 wallet address.

5: Top 200 referrals can each get more DGG and FOTA tokens.

⚠️Please note: We are airdrop hunters, please do not spend any penny on any airdrop tokens!

If you have any questions, please ask at the telegram group.

🔘Please Join our Telegram Group, and Press “Done” button. Please stay active and talk after joining,This way you will get the token.

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