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FairDesk Airdrop

FairDesk Airdrop

Round2 airdrop: FairDesk
Reward: 2 FDT (~$2.5)
News: Synopsis, QuickNode
Distribution date: June 8th

claim airdrop

-Complete all tasks of the airdrop
-Submit your BSC wallet address
-For 4,000 Random lucky people

Welcome to participate in our airdrop!

⬇️Please perform the tasks below to earn to 2 FDT (~$2.5) tokens.

About Fairdesk:
Fairdesk is a forward-looking company focusing on building a platform that enables traders to go both long and short, profit from both rising and falling markets, with leveraged up to 125X.

Fairdesk partners with Colibri, Synopsis, QuickNode.

Airdrop rewards will be distributed to your wallet address on June 8th and 4,000 lucky random participants will be rewarded.

FairDesk Airdrop

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