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Freemasons Doge Airdrop

Freemasons Doge Airdrop

 Task: 10 Trillion FREEMASONSDOGE will be divided between all eligible participants

 Referral: 120 Billion FREEMASONSDOGE for top 20 referrers each.

Claim Airdrop

Please perform the @airdrop tasks to earn up to 100 Points.

Join Freemasons Doge Telegram group. (Required » 35 Points)

Follow Freemasons Doge on Twitter and retweet this post. (Required » 35 Points)

Visit Freemasons Doge website and take a screenshot. (Optional » 20 Points)

Join our promoter channel. (Optional » 5 Points)

Follow our promoter’s Twitter account and retweet the airdrop tweet. (Optional » 5 Points)

Contract: 0x3137e8cc29c4C32d1476936E9041a17D4BF73844

 Notes: Total airdrop pool is 12,4 Trillion FREEMASONSDOGE.

 Distribution date: Within 2 weeks after the end of the airdrop.

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