looking for KOLs in Vietnam Airdrop

looking for KOLs in Vietnam Airdrop

Indonesia, Europe, Russia.

KOL Requirements: Any social media with more than 5,000 to 10,000 followers or who can help us organize events locally.

If your application is successful, you will receive a fixed salary and long-term equity incentives.

Please contact: https://t.me/OxJack

Of course you can also refer, and if your referral is successful, you will get a $500 bonus.

We are looking for KOLs in Vietnam, India, Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Europe, Russ…

FORT protocol & NEST protocol (merge)

Please provide your information if you are ready to apply. Which country are you from. How many fans do you have? (whatever social media) what can you do for us? (local)1,3KJack #D3🤖10:15

FORT voting proposal: a merger of the FORT protocol and NEST protocol


How to vote?
1. Click on the website
2. Link your wallet
3. Click: For or Against
4. Click: Vote

You must hold DCU tokens, ERC20 or BEP20, to vote.No GAS fee for voting


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