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New Airdrop: LUCKYPLAY
💰Reward: 40,000,000 $LT For 1,000 random winners

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Total Airdrop : 40,000,000 LT

May 26th 0am UTC – June 8th 24pm UTC

$4,000 worth of LT will be distributed as follows:


20,000 LT each for top 1000 participants.

20,000 LT each for  winner has played on luckyplay.io during the campaign.

(More entries lead to higher chances of winning the airdrop campaign)

📃 Step-by-step guide:
Submit all the tasks in our gleam campaign

  • ✅ Visit official website
  • ✅ Follow our twitter
  • ✅ Retweet campaign post with hashtags: # Airdrop #Giveaway
  • ✅ Join our Telegram channel
  • ✅ Join our Telegram group
  • ✅ Join our Discord server
  • ✅ Choose protocol of your wallet address
  • ✅ Submit your wallet address
  • ❤️ Refer friends for higher chances of winning

📌Terms & Conditions

  • ​Confirm your Address as it cannot be changed.
  • Please keep following our social media channels.
  • Rewards will be distributed according to the entries ranking.
  • All rewards will be distributed within 10 working days after the event
  • LUCKYPLAY Airdrop

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