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Mythos World Airdrop

Mythos World Airdrop

Join MythosWorld Telegram group & Telegram channel and add a unique comment with hashtag #mythosworld_airdrop (minimum 7 words). (Required » 25 Points)

Follow MythosWorld on Twitter, like and retweet the pinned post. (Required » 20 Points)

Follow MythosWorld on Facebook. (Optional » 15 Points)

Follow MythosWorld on Instagram. (Optional » 15 Points)

Subscribe to MythosWorld Discord channel. (Optional » 15 Points)

Join our promoter channel. (Optional » 5 Points)

Follow our promoter’s Twitter account and retweet the airdrop tweet. (Optional » 5 Points)

Claim airdrop

Perform the airdrop tasks and earn up to 100 Points.
 Earn 10 Points extra rewards with the confirmed referrals.

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