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NEST Protocol Airdrop

NEST Protocol Airdrop

New Airdrop: NEST Protocol Airdrop
Reward: $2 in $NEST each to 5,000 lucky winners

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The NEST protocol is the most secure oracle for building the next breakthrough DeFi. It is the first Oracle network to generate and validate price data on the chain and has been running for more than 3 years. nest tokens are already tradable on reputable exchanges. (huobi, gate, mexc,etc.) Partners of the NEST protocol include: coinbase, oke, crypto, au21, huobi, etc.

NEST Protocol Airdrop


The total prize pool is $100,000

1.Random bonus: 5,000 random people will get $2 NEST.
2.Referral bonus: 10% randomly selected people will get the bonus according to the ranking of the referrer.

❔ Frequently asked questions about the airdrop

Can I refer other people to join this airdrop campaign and get rewarded?

Yes, you can earn rewards for referrals and there is no limit to the number of winners.

Refer 5,000+ people, 10% get $400 bonus
Refer 1000-5,000 people, 10% get $200 bonus
Refer 500-1,000 people, 10% get $100 bonus
Refer 200-500 people, 10% get $50 bonus
Refer 100-200 people, 10% get $20 bonus
Refer 50-100 people, 10% get $10 bonus
Refer 10-50 people, 10% get $5 bonus

*NOTE: 10% probability means we randomly choose 10% of participaters in the same category. For example, if there are 100 participaters each of which introduces more than 50 followers, we will randomly choose 10 participaters and each of them wins $10.

We also allow your friends to help you.

(For example, if you only invite Alice and Tom, you score 2 but cannot join this campaign. However, if Alice and Tom invite 50 and 200 follower, 10% of their contribution, 25 people, will count on you. You can join the category >= 20.)

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