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ONTO x Airdrop

ONTO x Airdrop

New Airdrop: ONTO x NXTT Giveaway
Reward: $2,400 $NXTT For 240 lucky winners

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ONTO x Airdrop

ONTO is excited to host a special giveaway with Next Earth, the first true land ownership platform in the metaverse.

Altogether, ONTO and Next Earth have prepared a prize pool of over $3,000 NXTT tokens for all participants.

Don’t miss out on this generous giveaway!

Further information on the giveaway is as follows :
Event Duration:
Apr. 11th 13:00 – Apr. 16th 13:00 (UTC)
🎁 Prize Pool:
✨ For All Participants
Participants who complete all tasks in Gleam will qualify for a lucky draw to share $2,400 worth of NXTT. A total of 240 lucky winners will be selected randomly.
✨  For the Top 3 Winners
Plus, the Top 3 winners with the most entries will get special rewards!

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