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PolkaEX Giveaway Airdrop

PolkaEX Giveaway Airdrop

🚀New Airdrop: PolkaEX Giveaway
💰Reward Pool: 100,000 $PKEX For random winners

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PolkaEx, a cross-chain Dex and Launchpad on Polkadot with higher TPS and lower transaction fees, is giving away 100,000 $PKEX to the community!

Top 10 participants: 2,000 $PKEX

Top 50 participants: 1,000 $PKEX

Top 100 participants: 500 $PKEX

Top 200 participants: 150 $PKEX

*Notes: The prizes should not accumulate and the highest prize will be issued.

*The prize will be distributed within 7 workdays after it is ended.

*Fraudulent conduct will be disqualified for the prize.

PolkaEX Giveaway Airdrop

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