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Roll once a day Airdrop

Roll once a day Airdrop

We will airdrop 10 PRCs to each person in Google Sheets. They used to buy PRC on Swap, and some had a lot of constructive comments on the community. Yes, we will definitely reward those who continue to help the FORT protocol. If you use the product or actively participate in community activities, you will get airdrops.


Airdrop Link

Wallet address:https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1V6PPpchKnHWSZEKar1nfXtGiRwvc1wSzdZ1y7OhsAqI/edit?usp=sharing

If you are an active person or have used our products, please be sure to join this group. You will get airdrops.


NEST Daily Attendance: 🪂 Registration:@NESTDailyRewardsBot 1.5 NEST (first 1,…


Daily attendance is divided into two situations

Hold NEST tokens (buy 350 NEST per week)

8 NEST rewards every day

No holding of NEST tokens

1 NEST per person for the first 1000 people attending each day

Buy 350 NEST weekly and get 56 NEST. If you don’t buy next week, you won’t be able to earn NEST rewards.

You invite 1 person to buy NEST and you can get 15 NEST.1,8Kedited 19:28

Due to the large number of airdrop rewards in the pancake sale, there is now room for arbitrage between the pancake price and the exchange price.

The smart ones are already making money

For reference only. Be aware of the risks


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