Runex Giveaway Airdrop

Runex Giveaway Airdrop

📣 Complete Task: ➕ 1000 #Runex

🏆 Winners: 200 people will get 100 #Rex each
📅 End date:
The contest will end after the start of the official airdrop.
💎 Ratings

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RunexGiveaway Form Click Here

🌀 Join Runex group & channel.
🌀 Follow on Twitter, like and retweet the pinned post.
🌀 Submit your ETH Wallet address
📡 Enter your information to the airdrop page.

🗞 Note: All airdrop steps should be completed.7,6Kedited 13:29

Dear Runex community, while you are waiting for the launch of our airdrop, we offer you to participate in a contest⬇️

We raffle 1000 coins between members who guess the launch date of the airdrop🗓

10 people who guess the exact or closest airdrop date will receive a reward❗️🤝

All you need is to be subscribed to the Telegram channel(,Chat(  and Twitter(- of the project ❗️

Invite your friends to your chat room and get 10% to your wallet💰 from your friend’s winnings if he guesses the date👥

Well, here we go❗️ Participate in the contest, test your intuition and earn money❗️

The contest will end the day before the start of the airdrop🤝

Winners will be awarded after the start of the airdrop


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