Step Hero Airdrop

Step Hero Airdrop

Total reward: 500 Chest (~10000$)
Winners: 500 Winners
Total to earn per Winner: 1 Chest/ 1 user (~20$)

Referal: Get 1 chest/5 referal friends[button color=”red” size=”medium” link=”” icon=”” target=”false”]Claim airdrop[/button]


Chest detail:
Airdrop end date: May 20th
Distribution date: May 25th

✅ Complete the following steps to be eligible for the airdrop
🔸 Join our community on Discord Server
🔸 Follow us on Twitter
🔸 Create an account on our Marketplace
🔸 Log in our game on your mobile
🔸 Submit Your Wallet

✔️ All steps are mandatory and will be automatically verified.
✔️ Each wallet address can only be received once in the program.
✔️ Only use one Twitter account, one Discord account. If we detect you use more than one, your results will be forfeited.

When you ready to start, please click to “✍️ Submit Details”

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