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ULTRA Warmup Airdrop

ULTRA Warmup Airdrop

New Airdrop: ULTRA Warmup Airdrop
Reward Pool: 5,000
ULTRA For 310 Random Participants

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ULTRA Warmup Airdrop

To further hype up the ULTRA Finance Community before our official launch on the Avalanche network, Ultra Finance is giving away 5000 $ULTRA to the community!

10 randomly selected participants:  200 $ULTRA each
100 randomly selected participants: 20 $ULTRA each
200 randomly selected participants:   5 $ULTRA each

*Award is one-time, non-duplication of distribution, and paid by the highest item.
*Any fraud or cheating will result in disqualification.
*Rewards will be distributed after $ULTRA has been listed and actively trading.

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