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Watch WWE Raw 9/11/22 Full Show

Watch WWE Raw 9/11/22 Full Show .Watch online WWE Monday Night RAW 11th Sep 2022 Free Download Full Show. Latest all shows of WWE RAW Monday Night  9/11/22. So continue to follow us Free WWE Wrestling programmed to view Show on Dailymotion

Watch WWE RAW Full Show

Watch WWE Raw 9/11/22 Full Show – WWE Raw 11th Sep 2022

As we get back, Riddle does a fishermen’s suplex. Riddle does a belly-to-belly suplex, running forearms in the corner, and a Pele kick. Balor stumbles to the ground. Riddle strikes Priest and Balor with a penalty kick before doing a springboard moonsault. Riddle returns to the ring and hits a ripcord knee to counterbalance Balor’s slingblade. Riddle climbs but is once more derailed by Priest. Balor drops him in the centre after catching him with a roll-up. Attacking Priest, Rey Mysterio drags him into the crowd.

Raquel begins by kneeing Dakota in the middle. She uses a delayed vertical suplex to toss Dakota. After coming in, Aliyah performs a corner splash. Returning, Raquel continues to overwhelm Dakota, dropping her a few times in the process. Raquel was unable to be brought down by Dakota’s attempt to counter with a sunset flip. She is thrown to the ground by Raquel. Iyo enters and is knocked to the ground. Aliyah dive-bombs them to get us to a break.

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Watch WWE Monday Night Raw 9/11/22 Full Show

Match Detail:

  1. EDGE Vs Dominik Mysterio In Singels Match.
  2. Johnny Wrestling to make his in-ring return.
  3. Raquel Rodriguez & Aliyah to face first test as champions against Dakota Kai & IYO SKY
  4. Bianca Belair Open Challenge.
  5. Kevin Owens Build Continues.
  6. Braun Strowman Build Continues.
  7. More Cards

Location & Date:

✅  Show: WWE RAW 9/12/2022
✅  Venue: Moda Center in Portland, OR
✅  Date and Time: Monday, September 12, 2022 / 8 PM EST

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