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Watch WWE Smackdown 8/5/22 Full Show

Watch WWE Smackdown 8/5/22 Full Show.Watch online WWE Smackdown 5th Aug 2022 Free Download Full Show.Latest all shows of WWE Smackdown. wwe smackdown full show today. So continue to follow us Free WWE Wrestling programmed to view Show on Dailymotion.
Watch WWE Smackdown Full Show

Watch WWE Smackdown 8/5/22 Full Show – WWE Smackdown 5th Aug 2022

Natalya pursues the knees as well. Natalya continues to attack Raquel’s legs despite her attempts to defend herself. Raquel instantly blocks the attack by grabbing for the ropes as she goes for the sharpshooter. A leg lock is put on by Natalya. With a punch, Raquel knocks her out. For a two-count, she does a deadlift vertical suplex. Raquel reaches for the ropes as Natalya dons the sharpshooter. Natalya empties her bag in the nook. To obtain the pin, Raquel pulls her up in the corner and drops her with a Gigoda bomb.

Working on Raquel’s leg is Shayna. She now turns her attention to Raquel’s arm. Raquel moves away from her. Shayna knocks her to the ground and gets a two-count. Raquel lands blows to the middle. Shayna attempts to choke. She is thrown into the corner by Raquel, who then does a corner splash. In response to the elbow drop, Shayna dons the Kirafuda clutch. Raquel struggles and appears to be losing strength. For a pin attempt, she rolls up from the ropes. For her own pin attempt, Shayna rolls her over and receives the three count.

Match Deatil WWE Smackdown 8/5/22

  1. Shinsuke Nakamura vs Ludwig Kaiser
  2. Aliyah vs Sonya Deville SmackDown Women’s Championship
  3. Sonya Deville vs Raquel Rodriguez
  4. Raquel Rodriguez vs Shotzi
  5. Raquel Rodriguez vs Xia Li
  6. Raquel Rodriguez vs Natalya
  7. Raquel Rodriguez vs Shayna Baszler
  8. The Viking Raiders vs Enhancement Talent
  9. Erik vs Kofi Kingston

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