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Xid Network Airdrop

Xid Network Airdrop

New Airdrop: Xid Network Airdrop
Reward: 200 $XID each for 10k lucky winners

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Xid Network Airdrop

An open platform for decentralized identity.Make the most of on-chain data value.XID is your credential to the blockchain world and a way for others to get to know you quickly. A complete XID profile can help you connect with others by showcasing your unique story through charts and labels based on on-chain data.

 Website: https://xidnetwork.xyz
Audit: FreshCoins

Contract: BSCscan

Xid Network Airdrop

We are glad that you joined our airdrop
 Total to earn per Participant: 200 XID Tokens
Per Referrals: 20 XID Tokens
Winners: 10000 random winners

Xid Network Airdrop

To get your reward you must complete this tasks.
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