Your Favorite KOLs collection Airdrop

Your Favorite KOLs collection Airdrop

Hello everyone, we are currently pushing our global market meanwhile wanna provide some welfares to our communities. We want to collect your favorite KOLs in different platforms (Twitter, Youtube etc).

What you will get:

You will have chance to directly talk to your favorite influencer 🤩💥 💥
There are $50 bonus for random 20 persons (Reward will be distributed on July 25th)

1. Fill in the Collection sheet:

Besides, if you can directly introduce them to us, the rewards can be fantastic(1% of collaboration). If you can, please DM. First Come First Serve @vickyshu24

All events:

👉On the occasion of July, Nest Protocol has an event for you to be active in the group

⏱Start time: Monday to Sunday
⏱Reward time: next Tuesday

📌Rules :
1. No Spam
2. No swearing
3. Don’t use clones

Rewards based on top message:
1️⃣TOP 1 : 25$ NEST
2️⃣TOP 2 : 15$ NEST
3️⃣TOP 3 : 10$ NEST
4️⃣ Top 4 to 40: 100 NEST

#Nest_Protocol #Giveaway
(Those who violate will be banned directly, if you have questions, please tag admin)

This event is a transition event. We will soon establish a chat upgrade feature in all NEST telegraph groups.

You will be rewarded for reaching a certain level in the NEST group communication level

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