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Zonoswap Airdrop

Zonoswap Airdrop

🔥 Zonoswap 💰Get 5,000 $ZONO each to 1,000 lucky winner’s

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It has swapping, staking and farming features and users can add their own liquidity in the liquidity pool.

At Zonoswap, we have a very focused vision on making crypto trading accessible to all, especially women. We aim to bring Zonoswap to millions of people worldwide who can buy Zono, stake it, and earn rewards worth millions.
At our end, our constant endeavour is to make Zonoswap the go-to swap platform for all your crypto-trading. We are constantly working to make the Swap more user-friendly, add more value by introducing NFTs and marketplace for NFTs, and adding other features that will enable Zono to be one of the top exchanges in DeFi.

Zonoswap Airdrop

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